Creating a Post

You can type in this window in a very similar way as you do in other text editors, such as Microsoft Word. Hover over any icon and tip text will display its function.

Each paragraph can have a pre-defined style, such as ‘Paragraph,’ the default, which will use the body font you choose in Theme Options.

This is an example of a Heading. (Heading 1)

You can have up to six different heading styles, generally the higher the Heading number, the smaller the text. (Heading 2)

TIP: PREVIEW your posts before publishing, ensuring grammar and spelling are correct as well as links and images are valid before setting it for public view. (Heading 3)

(Notice under PUBLISH, You can set a post to be pending review or as a draft, making it easy to collaborate in content creation.)

**Use the next sections, ALL IN ONE SEO PACK, to add a title and description to your post, the words you use here will be used by search engines to rank your website and will be shown in a Snippet in search results. Choose to No Index if you do not want search engines to return this post in results. Choose No Follow if your post contains links that may hurt your ranking. Google (and other search engines) will look at all links on your website, both internal links between your own webpages and external links to other websites. If the link is to a authentic and trusted website it will benefit your search engine status. Links to low ranked websites will affect your ranking adversely.

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