The Details of our Consignment Process

Bring In Your Items
  • Items are accepted during store hours on a first-come, first-serve basis, as time allows

  • There is NO set-up fee charged for opening new accounts.

  • All clothing must be freshly laundered and laid FLAT (not folded) in a basket or bin.  PLEASE no hangers or bags!

  • Items must be in season.  Fall/Winter items are accepted August-February.  Spring/Summer pieces are accepted March-July

  • We make all attempts to review items as they come in.  Should you need to drop-off during a busier time, we will notify you as soon as items have had a chance to be reviewed to pick up anything we can’t sell.  For your convenience we donate to local non-profits so you don’t have to come back for your clothes should you choose that option.  Any items not picked up within 5 days of calling you will be donated without further notice.

Leave the Pricing to Us
  • Our goal is to make you the most money possible, so we price everything by hand based on style, brand and condition.

  • We do our best to maintain a balance between great selling prices for our consignors (you) and appealing buying prices for our customers (often, also you!).

  • If you have a selling price in mind for a higher-end piece…please let us know!

  • Items placed on consignment will receive 40% of the selling amount in cash or check OR 40% PLUS an additional 10% in store credit.

  • Items priced $50 or over will receive 50% of the selling amount in cash or check OR 50% PLUS an additional 10% in store credit.

  • Little Sparrow reserves the right, at any point during the consignment period, to mark down any item, due to previously unseen defects or shop wear.  Other occasional markdowns based on condition, season, or demand of items may be made at any time at Little Sparrow’s discretion.

  • We continuously discount consigned items in order to keep inventory flowing and fresh for our customers.

Sit Back & Let Your Items Sell (and then SHOP!)
  • Each consignor receives a unique login ID & password to their account for online tracking & accountability. You can monitor what has sold and check your balance.  This tool allows for accountability of your items and ensures transparency between the store and consignors.

  • If you plan to use your balance as store credit, please add 10% to the amount shown online.

  • You may mix and match store credit and cash/check, so don’t feel obligated to pick one of the other.

  • Your balance never expires or diminishes!

  • Your consignment period is 6 months long from the date of original entry into the tracking system.

  • Receive the additional 10% payout bump when you purchase items in-store or online.

  • Store credit can be applied to NEW or consigned inventory in ANY of our categories!

  • Store credit can ALSO be applied toward gift certificates for others!

Our Donation Policy
  • At the end of the 6 month consignment period, items unclaimed will become the property of Little Sparrow and may be sold or donated at our discretion.

  • Due to our large volume of consignors and inventory, we do not contact you when your consignment period ends.

  • We reserve the right to discount or donate at any time any damaged or out-of-season items without notifying first.

  • Our strongest preference is to donate to our local non-profits first as (their) space allows.